Friday, December 01, 2006

Your problem is obvious...FF8

We are currently in Balamb, trying to fight Raijin and Fujin. More correctly, just Fujin. By now, Squall is maxed out, and can only gain strength through items that are not readily available, and upgrades to his gunblade.

Seems like that would make it a breeze? Well, no. In Final Fantasy VIII, all enemies level up with your characters. Right now that translates to a Raijin who can knock my people out with two blows. Squall is always in the party, right? And Zell must be there, because it is Balamb. Even at level 70, he is only marginally useful here. That leaves:

Rinoa, whose Angelo breaks are not enough to kill Raijin in two blows. Invincible Moon does not last long enough to do the trick.

Quistis, whose magic is barely better than her hits.

Irvine, who is useless without decent ammo, which simply won't be available until maybe Esthar.

Selphie, who shows the most promise. Her special skill Rapture does not remove Raijin. The End would work, but is so rare, we are dead long before it shows. Ultima may work, but I need my other guys to last long enough to chip away at the numbers. Her protective Wall does not work against Raijin.

This may be the end of our grand experiment. I will keep at it, though, because luck plays a huge role in most of these breaks.


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