Sunday, October 01, 2006

FF8, Dollet: No GF's yet

Biggs, Wedge, Elvoret, The Black Widow.

Once your party's levels reach 10 or more, you can probably move on to the Dollet SeeD exam. Don't count on much leveling before the tower. Many of the points will be wasted on Seifer. Let him have them; soon Selphie will join. Then you can save at the tower, exit it and move around for some random battles.

By the way, this will play havoc with the distribution of your battle meter. But you've already blown that all to hell by not equipping the GF's.

If you're still with me, you can level up to the teens and then climb the tower. You will get no further chance to save, or even restore your party until you defeat Biggs, Wedge, and even the Elvoret.

Your best bet is to dedicate Sephie's limit break to spinning for full cure. It comes up surprisingly often. Squall and Zell can use theirs for the humans and the Elvoret. The battles are long but not especially difficult.

Now for the Black Widow. The thirty minutes allotted you are plenty. Run like hell whenever you can. Wait until Zell says "Let's get the hell out of here!" before you hit L1/L2 to escape. Be sparing with your keystrokes. You will fight some five or so times and then the FMV takes over and Quistis rescues your group.

So far so good. No GF's needed yet. Go to your graduation party and meet Squall's love interest. Don't cry for Quistis, she's plenty messed up just yet, but she'll get over it. Just be sure to fill her up on each blue magic as it presents itself and she'll be fine.

Do not forget to return to Cloud's room and look for the Weapon's Monthly issue there. I missed my opportunity and have been paying in spades: I've had to raise levels significantly to make up for it.

The mission in Timber should go quickly. We're not playing cards nor seeking drawpoints. Concentrate on moving the story forward, and collecting the various magazines that aid your weaponry and limit breaks.

So far, GF's are for wimps and wussies.


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