Thursday, August 31, 2006

Questing FF8

Once the Lunatic Pandora is safely over Tears Point, it's time for Side Quests. No Final Fantasy is worth its salt without its sidequest. I honestly don't understand people who skip them, unless, of course, the player is varying the game in order to create a new challenge. See here.

In Final Fantasy 8, the toughest side quests involve collecting Guardian Forces. In fact, I simply dropped the Triple Triad card game (scroll down for various posts) in favor of dedicating myself to gathering GFs. The one that has always bothered me was the Tonberrys, or Tonberries, if you will. Tonberry and Odin are in My Blue Heaven on the Centra Continent.

The earliest this can be attempted comes with the mobile Garden. It is extremely tough, and it can be incidental to collecting Odin. Since the Odin quest is a puzzle, the easiest way to find Odin is to junction the No Encounters ability. The time limit becomes negligible and the player can enjoy the puzzle.

Collecting Tonberry is simple, but not easy. Tonberries come at the player at practically every step in My Blue Heaven.

Tonberry is weak to Demi; Diablos is good for 9999 each time. Best bet: the player with Diablos summons him each time. Forget Mug; Chef's Knives drop after the battles.

Keep Squall in the Yellow zone of hit points. Hit the O button until Renzokuken comes up.

A different player should have Revive, Restore, and Auto-potion, all at once. Be sure to sell any Potions and High Potions, so that only X potions are available. Do not use the healer for Squall, just for the others.

The third player becomes the summoner, and should also have Magic. Have a lot of Lifes. This player will revive Squall, keeping him in the yellow zone. Do not cure him.

The battles become routine: two Diablos, a couple of Rezokukens, raising the fallen, and keeping everyone but Squall up to max. The excitement comes when the Tonberry King appears, after some 15-20 battles. Don't use Demi or Diablos, but keep up everything else. It's a longer battle, but not very difficult. The King will eventually fall, apologize, and join the party.

I haven't yet decided which GF to quest next.


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