Saturday, August 05, 2006

Card Quest

Otay. I'm sick to death of playing Triple Triad. Did finally pursue the Card Club in Balamb Garden/Ship. This is an excellent way to collect the higher cards, which are good for Card Mod purposes.

Once again, I'm struck by how much Girls Rule in FF8! Could this be why many guys hate the game? Look to the ladies in Balamb Garden to complete your quest. Otherwise, the Joker in the Training Area is pretty good. Mix it up, though, because you will drain off the good cards if you gain any skills.

By the way, should you find yourself over your head in a region's rules, return to the Garden and look up your friends. That should reset back to the rules you're used to following.

Meanwhile, I'm returning to game play. It's time to take on Galbadia Garden and one of the more exciting sequences of the story. I want more Guardian Forces. Summoning is one of the prettiest features of any Final Fantasy. Get a load of Shiva,if you doubt it!!

(BTW: Let me go on record here. The premise of this game is immoral: no one should be collecting up orphans for their militia, no matter how noble their aim. Yeah, sure, it's just a game. But still immoral. SeeDs are still kids, even at 16 or 17. Guess that's why I like Seifer and his buddies: their little clique is based on romantic ideals, no matter how wrong they go. Like my kids and their buddies.)


Blogger pb said...

Yikes! I'm hearing the Deling city-theme in my head, over and over again. At work, no less.

11:54 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

pb you never cease to delight me with your blogs.

9:27 AM  

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