Thursday, July 06, 2006

Geriatric Geek Girls Go for it!

Just kidding. But I couldn't resist the link to this tidbit of pop culture. Remember to follow the links. Just kidding about Geriatric. I'm not, anyway. Geriatric, that is.

Not yet, anyway.

Did you ever dream you had the powers you got in a video game?

You know you have.

But did you ever know you were dreaming, and even played around with it before you woke?

Can't remember the name for that sort of dream (lucid dreaming?), but I've done it. Been doing it since childhood. It's going to take forever to finish Final Fantasy 8 this time around. I just know I'm going to dream about the card game.

Play. Win. Save. Play. Lose. Reset.

BTW, girls rule in FF8! Win rare cards from the good Doctor in the clinic, and the Quistis wannabes in the classroom.


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