Monday, May 02, 2016

What do you get when you take a Grammy who still plays video games, mix in her children who still play video games, and finally add in the grandkids, all of whom play video games?

This is my latest birthday haul!


Monday, July 06, 2015

Dad has been gone 2 1/2 years now.  I made myself return to Final Fantasy 13.  In fact, I got the Game Genie to see if I could finish it.

I can't seem to get through the final battle.  Is it because I am 61?  Or because my Mother In Law is taking all my physical and psychic energy?  Will I have to wait her out?

I don't wish her dead, because she is a dear, but it is so hard to be an M.S. patient and still need to foster an aging family member.   She is twice as healthy as I am, but losing it mentally.

If you are reading this, don't feel sorry for me.  Just send up a prayer.

Video games are not important, but they were so much of my life for so many years.

I miss them.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Stick with Internet, you devils!

I have a GameSpot Unofficial Guide for Final Fantasy VII, and I have been  trying some of the "tricks."

Save your money.  Many suggestions are just plain incorrect, and most of them are no better than I can get on the Internet.

Finally, the reason I like this game less than the others is very simple:  I do not wish to connect to other platforms to complete the darned quest.

To say that the Ribbon is available in this game is a lie.  Don't put it in the guide--official or otherwise.

 Add to that the somewhat banal and time-consumer side quests that don't affect the game, and well, you know.

Just the same, I am replaying.  I want to suffer through the game for the high level cards.

Let's see how long I last before I drop the whole thing and move on to FFIX.

Wow!  I just came back to update and found that we've had 666 views on this blog!  Thanks to everyone, you devils, you.

Friday, August 24, 2012

GF Ribbon Ability

Does not exist in Final Fantasy VIII, but instead must be obtained in Chocobo World on the Handheld Playstation, I guess. 
No matter.  With all the proper Junctioned Magic, a character can pretty much achieve the same results.  Or at least the player can program various combinations into the different characters to over come the problem statuses.
Now, to kill all the challenge in the Final Boss Battle with Ultimecia:
Fill everyone's magic completely, all seven pages.  Having some useless magic is okay, because Griever is capable of cleaning out an entire set of Magic at one blow.  The more magic, the more chance of him getting something worthless.
When setting up Command abilities, use Magic, Items, and Treatment, Recover.  No GF's except Eden and Diabolos, maybe Cerberus.  Just about anything else is a waste of valuable time.
Set up Irvine, Squall and Zell--if you are very, very good with keying in the Attacks--so they have 9999 hit points.  Keep the rest low so they can be eliminated.  Your key characters should have the top GFs for speed, status resistance, strength.
Irvine should have at least 50 Pulse, 50 AP and 50 Demo for ammo.  Sell off the rest, so they don't distract you when you go to select.  Demo is best for when Ultimecia junctions.  When using Pulse or AP, watch carefully for the damage:  when it goes to 0, it's time to switch to the junctioner or stop.
Squall is a very special case:  during the gameplay, only upgrade 3 or 4 times, making sure to get Lion Heart.  It's really the only one you need for the Final Battle.
Everyone should have their ultimate weapon.
If you've upgraded all your magic, you won't need Draw.  Keep items to a minimum:  MegaElixirs, Lifes, Aura, Ultima, and phoenix pinions or megaphoenix.  100 of each.
That's it.  Use Megaelixirs for everything--restore and status.  This means that as many people as possible should have the Items command.
All your magic should be upgraded.  Full-Lifes, Ultimas, Auras, Esunas. 
It is best to rely on Aura and Limit Breaks for two characters at all times.  One character is to be the healer and nothing more.  At the same time, your battlers must also use items to heal.  DO NOT allow characters' HP to stay low for even one turn.  The Limit Break is secondary to healing at all times.  Don't let a Miss bother you, just switch gears and try something else.
Follow this and the whole thing, Finale and all, should take about one hour. 
I was so surprised at how short the game and finales were, I intend to play again to see what I missed, especially with Triple Triad.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Easy Final Fantasy VIII

Now I know that most people can't stand Final Fantasy 8, but I find the love stories in it quite touching.  So I played the game just to enjoy the story.  I played it quickly, using Draw to pick up as much magic as possible.  And I played very little cards.

This made for a very fast game.  It also made for a very fast final battle.  I set up everyone in a special way, to allow people to be killed off and still keep my major players. 

I sat down at 7:20 to start the battle, and by 8:20, I had viewed the nice finale.

The lesson here is Draw Early, Draw Often, and get all your GFs.

Specifics to come in a day or so.  BTW, has ANYONE every gotten the Ribbon GF ability in this game?  Anyone?


Monday, July 30, 2012

Final Fantasy VIII Revisited Again!

I have very rarely played this FF, although I did blog it a few times, way, way back.  If you hate this game, I recommend you dig it back up and get one of the unofficial game guides.

We already know that the game can't be attempted without GFs.  I never got out of the chapter where Fujin and Rajin have taken over Balamb.

This time around I am pretty much ignoring the Card Game and its associated side quests.  When I do get the card,  I keep them just long enough to convert them to whatever tools they yield.

Also, I am paying no attention to the SeeD levels.  They only mean money anyway, and even ignoring them, there is more than I will ever use.

Finally, I am not knocking myself out to do every little thing and find every single treasure and draw point--this means chocobos, too.  I found all that a complete annoyance, and totally unnecessary for beating the game.

I am enjoying the story a lot more, although the characters still strike me as cardboard and not sympathetic at all.

If anything cool comes up, I will post more.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Final Fantasy VI--Sabin's Blitzes

Having trouble inputing Sabin's Blitzes?  In the right-hand column of his list are arrows going in all directions.  I work with both types of controllers, new and old.
When I returned to the old controller, it was because I play in our basement, and am using a recumbent stationary bicycle to keep fit.  There is very little space for anything, much less a nice setup with everything right in front of me.  Just the monitor.  On a basket-cart, no less.

Before you run out to buy a controller that has the arrow pad with all the directions:

The kitty-corner pointing arrows, such as the second one in each of the right hand list of blitzes, can be duplicated by simply hitting the previous direction a second time.  Thus, for the Aura Cannon you would tap down--down AGAIN--and left.  It's actually simpler than the multidirectional arrow pad, and tons simpler than those combinations in the left hand column.

Really, no combination is all that difficult, but it took me a while to figure them out.  I simply purchased the fancier controller.  I was resigned to losing the blitzes in the right column, except one day, I accidentally whacked the old controller as if it were the newer one, getting my blitz.  These were blitzes I could only watch in the arena, when Sabin went on automatic.  Now they are second nature to me.

Nice, huh?  Wish someone had tipped me onto that years ago.