Thursday, August 23, 2012

Easy Final Fantasy VIII

Now I know that most people can't stand Final Fantasy 8, but I find the love stories in it quite touching.  So I played the game just to enjoy the story.  I played it quickly, using Draw to pick up as much magic as possible.  And I played very little cards.

This made for a very fast game.  It also made for a very fast final battle.  I set up everyone in a special way, to allow people to be killed off and still keep my major players. 

I sat down at 7:20 to start the battle, and by 8:20, I had viewed the nice finale.

The lesson here is Draw Early, Draw Often, and get all your GFs.

Specifics to come in a day or so.  BTW, has ANYONE every gotten the Ribbon GF ability in this game?  Anyone?



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