Friday, October 21, 2011

Final Fantasy VI--Sabin's Blitzes

Having trouble inputing Sabin's Blitzes?  In the right-hand column of his list are arrows going in all directions.  I work with both types of controllers, new and old.
When I returned to the old controller, it was because I play in our basement, and am using a recumbent stationary bicycle to keep fit.  There is very little space for anything, much less a nice setup with everything right in front of me.  Just the monitor.  On a basket-cart, no less.

Before you run out to buy a controller that has the arrow pad with all the directions:

The kitty-corner pointing arrows, such as the second one in each of the right hand list of blitzes, can be duplicated by simply hitting the previous direction a second time.  Thus, for the Aura Cannon you would tap down--down AGAIN--and left.  It's actually simpler than the multidirectional arrow pad, and tons simpler than those combinations in the left hand column.

Really, no combination is all that difficult, but it took me a while to figure them out.  I simply purchased the fancier controller.  I was resigned to losing the blitzes in the right column, except one day, I accidentally whacked the old controller as if it were the newer one, getting my blitz.  These were blitzes I could only watch in the arena, when Sabin went on automatic.  Now they are second nature to me.

Nice, huh?  Wish someone had tipped me onto that years ago.