Monday, August 27, 2012

Stick with Internet, you devils!

I have a GameSpot Unofficial Guide for Final Fantasy VII, and I have been  trying some of the "tricks."

Save your money.  Many suggestions are just plain incorrect, and most of them are no better than I can get on the Internet.

Finally, the reason I like this game less than the others is very simple:  I do not wish to connect to other platforms to complete the darned quest.

To say that the Ribbon is available in this game is a lie.  Don't put it in the guide--official or otherwise.

 Add to that the somewhat banal and time-consumer side quests that don't affect the game, and well, you know.

Just the same, I am replaying.  I want to suffer through the game for the high level cards.

Let's see how long I last before I drop the whole thing and move on to FFIX.

Wow!  I just came back to update and found that we've had 666 views on this blog!  Thanks to everyone, you devils, you.


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