Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why settle for one "cheated" weapon when you can get two?

Final Fantasy IV (Final Fantasy Chronicles for Playstation)

Newer twist on an old trick.

Ok, so everyone knows the weapon duplication trick: 

A: Go to battle, select Items, then select a blank spot, and then select a character's weapon.  This leaves the character without a weapon, so it's best to choose an easy prey, and be sure not to kill it too soon. 

B: After the battle, select Weapons, then select the character's empty hand, and then select the recently eliminated weapon in Items.

Voila!  Two weapons!  Select the doubled weapons, then select the empty Items slot.  Finally, equip one weapon from the two.  Magnifico, no?

New twist.  Go for only the weapons that can be used by Edge with the Throw command.  My personal favorites are the Holy Lance and the Masamune.   When you have two or more,  at Step B, rather than select the recently eliminated weapon, select from your growing pile of previously amassed weapon.  You still get two weapons, but now you've left the weapon from Step A by it's little lonesome.  Instead you will drop the doubled weapons into an empty slot.  Equip one weapon from the two.

Ta-Dah!!!!  There are now two weapons to add to your stock pile!

Little Pond