Saturday, July 01, 2006

This always happens

Whenever I play Final Fantasy VIII, it always strikes me how easy it is to let this one lie.

The artwork is almost uncanny, but the story is not captivating.

Currently I am in the desert prison and it's time to bust out. A lot of this story will happen on its own, whether I make it change or not. But the whole point is to make the subtle decisions that will change the characters' reactions.

And I don' t much care. It's an exercise, moot, academic. I don't identify with anyone, and the only interesting character might be Cid. He gets no play, and very few lines.

The card game is a good challenge, and I will probably play it to the hilt. Yes, even in the desert prison. So far, the best gamer with the best cards has been the drunk in the alleyway behind the television station. I'll be watching for gamers as "we try to escape." Some escape. All the while challenging gamers.

More later.

Update: The card-playing inmates are definitely worth a visit or two. No more, though. Except for one GF card, the fellow in the alleyway still rules!


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