Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Advent Children Followup

Got the first negative reaction to FFVII/AC. From a real video game nut, who thought it was a lousy movie. This was a very strange moment for me. Movie? What Movie?

Advent Children is not a movie. It is a video game that plays itself. It is full of battles and motorcycle races and motorcycle racing battles. It is an extension, an adjunct if you will, to the original video game itself. The goal was a followup to the video game, so how could it be anything else?

It was wonderful to check in with all the old characters and to see the connections with the new ones. The only major ones missing could surely come together in a sequel game. Anything is possible in Final Fantasy.

It never occurred to me that some people were waiting for a movie. That was Final Fantasy: The Spiritis Within. And I am sure they complained about that one, too.

Get over it.

Little Pond


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