Monday, February 20, 2006

Regarding Updates

This site is being updated occasionally, as promised. Most recently, two updates to sections 4 and 10. Also, those who like unusual secrets, see here. No help, just something odd.

Apparently, the male allies cannot be set up to go on the date at Gold Saucer. I did everything I could to make it Barrett Wallace, and I wound up with Aeris. But it's fun to see all the unexpected results throughout the game, expecially how the male allies react to the trip in Round Square. And the trick still works for Yuffie and Tifa. Thanks to Artemis and her detailed instructions.

Also coming: a review of Final Fantasy V. My review of Final Fantasy VI is here. While I believe FFVII is the absolute best of the series, VI and V come close. Each FF is enjoyable for its own sake, for its own reasons, although admittedly most are flawed in either theme, tone, gameplay or maybe just execution. (For instance, I found both X and X-2 to be depressing in tone and mechanical in gameplay. One can accidentally finish the darned things, while barely trying. I hate that.)

On the other hand, I don't play online, and probably never will, so that scotches XI. Tactics is still waiting for me to either lose my job, or become totally bedridden (but still able to use my hands!) : it really looks like it deserves my total attention from start to finish.

Anyway, thanks for your interest.

Little Pond


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