Sunday, June 11, 2006

Penultimate Post on AC

If you scroll down, you will find quite a few posts on Final Fantasy: Advent Children. Overall, I'm satisfied that I got my money's worth. But tonight I will watch it one last time, before I stow it for future reference. The short voice-mail cuts interest me the most this time. They are perhaps the greatest ties into the original game, and I thought they were rather artfully inserted.

Please, no more about the bloodlessness of the movie! There is never much blood in FF games. The extensive splotching trail left inside Shinra HQ was simply quite literally that: a trail allowing the gamer to move on to the next scene. It's silly to expect bloodiness in a game/movie that's rated T for Teens.

My next project is already in progress: a complete review of Final Fantasy 8, perhaps the most universally hated installment of the series. Not my least-liked choice, but certainly in the lower echelon. In fact, I haven't much played it. I find the side-quests dissatisfying and, except for the trio of bully cadets, the characters don't grab my interest or empathy. I was never a bully myself, but have sometimes had success in converting my tormenters into, well if not friends, at least less hostile truce-keepers. There is always some sort of redeeming characteristic in everyone, and bullies are no exception. I found Fujin and Rajin endearingly loyal to Seifer, who was almost innocent in his fantasy of becoming a Knight.

Final note regarding AC: does anyone have the translation to the song played after the credits, with Cloud driving his cycle through the countryside?


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