Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Recommendation Regarding Triple Triad

Newcomers to Final Fantasy 8 should concentrate on the story line, battles, drawing magic and Guardian Forces, and enjoy the show.

That said, experienced players can alter the game significantly by jumping whole hog into the side quests. They are absorbing and time consuming; some result in significant rewards. The card game, Triple Triad is an ongoing game within the game. It's fun to guess which players may yield rare cards, and there is a certain logic to their selection.

Triple Triad is simple: higher number takes lower number. "Rules" make the game more challenging, attaching themselves to the player as he or she passes through geographic areas. It is possible to elminate them by backtracking and playing in regions with simpler rules, but the risk is that players may infect the old region with the rules he or she is carrying. One can collect enough rules to eliminate any possiblity of winning at all.

An independent game "guide" states that the Random rule should be avoided at all cost, but there is a way to level the playing field. Of course there are some cards that I prefer to use, but I can usually mentally arrange a random set to work as well. In fact, I prefer to retain the "Open" rule at all costs, to help me plan; I am not good with numbers and I need the visuals to help me along.

If the Random rule deals up too many junky cards, use the Card Mod ability to convert them into items and tools, if only to sell them or toss them out during battle. Clearing out lower cards increases the chance of a decent hand.

Practice, practice, practice. And don't be shy about saving a great win and resetting a disasterous defeat.

Bottom line: do not allow rules to accumulate if they become confusing. Reset when necesary, and master them one by one. And the Queen of Cards you first meet in Balamb Station may be able to eliminate a rule if you check in on her once in a while.


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