Saturday, September 16, 2006

You ever heard this one?

Finally got to the Ultimecia battle. She picks just the women. Quistis has Item and a raft of Aura Stones; Rinoa has Recover; and Selphie Revive. Pretty much it.

Lots of Shockwave Pulsars, an all-too-brief Invincible Moon, and even a few Wishing Stars. We were all the way to the end of the last battle.

And Gilgamesh shows up. Fried the game!

I could barely see the graphics and couldn't read anything at all. I listened for the Limit Break Sound and kept hitting whatever was the default.

I lost Quistis and Selphie and acquired only Squall. He alone survived the next Ultimecia attack. I heard the Limit Break Sound and tried to select it. Lionheart! Even without getting a Perfect.

But I'd still lost all writing. Put a crimp in the ending, all right. Pretty much have it memorized, anyhow. Credits were fine, as were all the full motion video clips.

My next post will be on divesting the characters of everything unnecessary, selling all the extraneous items and playing the Last Battle pretty bare.

After that, in the spirit of this blog, we are going to play without GF's and magic.

We may find that Guardian Forces are for wusses, after all.


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