Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Last GFs--Final Fantasy 8

The Tonberry quest was tough, but the Eden sidequest was the worst. I'm trying to play like a normal gamer. That put me at a disadvantage when I got to the Undersea Laboratory.

Final Fanatics know that we can always fine something right smack in the middle, or under, the largest ocean. Thus it is with the Undersea Laboratory. Go looking: there is an arrow of land pointing right at it. But the riddle of the various levels going down to the excavation site (isn't there usually an excavation site also?) totally escapes me. I must have lucked out entirely the first few times, using my treasure-seeking techniques.

There may be clues to the riddle of the energy usage. I've tried and tried and can't figure it out: I'm just not good with numbers. I'm not that sort of geek. Checking around each level does turn up the console for the door to the furnace/boiler room, and there's the extra energy needed. Switching between players will showcase Zell's special intervention at the door to the excavation site, too.

When you open the sealed door, the party's abilities as outlined below will suffice for defeating Bahamut. I enjoy using Rinoa for her Angelo combinations, too. This is not a tough battle, so let hits point drop to the yellow zone, and get some practice with the limit breaks. Quistis' best are White Wind and Mighty Guard. Irvine should be equipped with Pulse Ammo for the Hyper Shot. Selphie and Zell should be healers, since one can't count on their limit breaks. (Although if you are nimble-fingered, Zell can use his most violent moves successively.) And Squall's Lion Heart can end the battle at the beginning.

The same configuration works for Ultima Weapon: just remember to draw Eden at the beginning. Concentrate on using Aura and keeping people alive. The limit breaks will chip away at the monster, who has tons of hit points.

At this point, all the questing should have raised everyone's levels, especially Squall's, almost to the max. If not, then Cactuar Island will raise the GFs and abilities in short order. Or you can go to the Islands Closest to Heaven and Hell, using both Move-Find and Enc-None to clean up on the many draw points there. Junction the suckers and you are good to go anywhere and kick some serious enemy butt.

Got GFs? Back to Esthar to visit with dear old Dad, and plan the demise of Ultimecia. Her castle is the best part of the game, in my book.


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