Sunday, September 17, 2006

FF8 Ultimecia: Don't give me no Griever!

Every rule changes. You can Draw, but should only Cast. You can use magic, but may waste a turn on a useless one. Physical attacks should be monitored for damage points. Counter is not recommended. Except for a few spectacular slaps, you shouldn't take many physical hits.

--Play to the strengths of each character. Consider the limit breaks:
  • If Squall has the Lionheart, his is the best of all. He needs Item to dispense Aura Stone.
  • Quistis should have both Mighty Guard and Shockwave Pulsar. She should dispense Aura Magic.
  • Even if you are good with keying his moves, keep Zell for Item, Revive, and Recover.
  • Stock up on Pulse Ammo and give Irvine every opportunity to strut his stuff.
  • Patiently spin for Full-Cure and other Forbidden Magic, and Selphie becomes indispensible!
  • Damage to Rinoa randomly makes Angelo appear, but Angelo Combine almost always delivers. Invincible Moon and Wishing Star work wonders. She should also Revive, Recover and use Magic.

--By now you should have collected just about anything possible from Esthar Shops and upgraded all weapons.

--Simplify! Refine everything up to maximum. Work your way up to Mega Phoenix, Mega Elixir, Phoenix Pinion, Holy War, Friendship and Aura Stone. Use up all compatibility items, but don't plan on using GF unless your hit points can't be restored. Keep them for that eventuality. SELL THE REST, even though money is useless now; same goes for the Cards. Modify the living daylights out of them.

--Hoard Magic. Most magic and magic items don't deliver enough punch in the last battle, but you need all the magic you can get for each character! Refine your magic as much as possible. You can Junction to adjust for each character's weaknesses. Just watch the stats or use Auto.

Kill off the lesser magic ONLY if it takes room from the better stuff. DO NOT DELETE OR PARE DOWN YOUR MAGIC, EVEN IF YOU DON'T INTEND TO USE IT. Magic is randomly stolen and eliminated during the last battle. Useless magic is taken just as readily as the good stuff.

Save! Make a separate SAVE of this new configuration. Don't overwrite your last save, just in case you make a judgment error. You simply don't know how useful or useless anyone or anything is until the last battle. For instance, I rarely use GF in the last battle, they are often wiped out before they can perform. (That in itself is better than losing the character!) On the other hand, I was impressed by Rinoa/Angelo's Wishing Star and stunned by Invincible Moon. Another writer called them "useless." Not true.

Aura Stone is absolutely the most useful Item now, as is Aura Magic. Victory belongs to the tortoise, not the hare. The ability to stay alive, using limit breaks will prevail. Keep up the hit points and maintain Aura.

Glitch watch: When Ultimecia speaks to the party, hits may be neutralized. The whole battle must run its course, there is no pre-emption. (I've watched Irvine's hits go to "0" during some parts, even though previous hits were 9999. They later regain effectiveness. Seems a little faked? I thought so, too.) See next post for another disasterous glitch.

Using the above guidelines, I've never lost the battle. Show's pretty good, too. Follow the ending all the way to "The End." No kidding, the credits go on forever, but the last scene is defining. And, by the way, no star field, just black screen when it's truly over.

Remember the meaning of the single feather.


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