Sunday, September 24, 2006

FF8 with no GF's starts pretty slow...

The major obstacle shows in the very first battle. No GF, no Item command. And Items cannot be refined. That means no healing during battles, only afterwards. It is paramount that characters be leveled up before any major battle. And save, save, save. Save early and often.

Try out all unfamiliar items: some pertain to Qustis and her limit break, Blue Magic. Others are for the junk shops and leveling up the weapons. Then sell those you can't use.

Don't even think about Boss monsters until your characters are up to Level 10. That's if you are lucky. It takes very little time to raise Squall and Quistis to 15. Then keep their numbers in the yellow zone, and enjoy quick battles and frequent limit breaks. You are ready for Ifrit, but probably not T-Rex.

This is not a game I've ever played so slowly before, so I still don't know if it works to the end. I'll keep you posted.

Lucretia's Legacy: has one more chapter.

Editor's note to newbies: the storyline follows the game, but will probably not go to the end. I've inserted a character--the raisonneuse--because everyone pretty much knows what the others are thinking. Fini, or Josephine, is a character that came up while I played the game (dozens of times!) who simply asks the usual questions and reacts to conversation and action more like a normal, everyday, 21st Century person.

Right now there's enough advance work to take us to Midgar and the epic battle with Fini's exboss, Professor Hojo. I actually know a few people like Vincent, Barrett, and Captain Cid, and I enjoy putting words in their mouths.

The latest chapter: Dissing and the Dissed.


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