Saturday, November 04, 2006

Deling City without GFs

I gave up trying to win the Brothers. For now, it would be all luck. Back to Deling, especially the sewers.

First I leveled Selphie up into the 40's. This gives her a lot of opportunity to use magic. I was able to get the items I needed to remodel Squall's gunblade to Shear Trigger by fighting Wendigo. And mostly losing. It took a lot of patience, and I'm not certain that it was necessary. Just get two characters levelled up really high.

For me, Selphie in one party and Squall in the other made Deling City doable.

It was fun to have Rinoa along, but at this point her limit breaks were too iffy, too randomized. In the future, I will be certain not to develop her weaker breaks.

I am beginning to wonder if Irvine will be useless. We will never be able to refine his ammo.

Zell would be better if I specifically selected out his major attacks. In the future, I will test this, but for now I enjoy watching the randomized duels.

Quistis has only four blue magics, but they are sufficient for most battles. I spent over two hours in the Deling sewers, levelling up the weaker members. There didn't seem to be any penalty for overstaying before the big show. It is already obvious that we will have more than enough money for items, since they can only be used between battles.

Most important: bring lots of potions to the sewers and keep the hit points hovering just above the yellow zone.

Iguion is a snap even if left up to Irvine, and the sorceress fight is one of those (at least partly) faked battles, designed to move the characters to the District D Prison. There's a quick visit with Laguna and Kiros. Follow the same guidelines in battle and enjoy the limit breaks.

We made it to Disk 2 without the GFs. Did I mention there would be spoilers?


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