Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fighting with the Owls of Timber

Not much challenge here. Fight the GeroGero anyway you like, it is rather a faked battle. A setup to change the direction of the story. The nonsense with the trains is more challenging than the battle. Enjoy the story and mind your manners at the Resistance leaders house: She knows how to handle unruly kids.

Another chapter to Lucretia's Legacy:

Zen and the Madwoman.

And now I've reached an inevitable juncture. Fini's back story is coming to its scheduled close, with the battle at the Sister Ray with Professor Hojo.

Off the web, we will be consumed with the details of a family wedding, at the end of October 2006. I cannot predict what I have time to do or otherwise over the next few weeks.

Writing Lucretia's Legacy has been a pleasure, but a writer needs readers. Mentally there is enough material to take Fini all the way into Advent Children and beyond, but it has not been put into writing. Old woman, you keep a lot of secrets in that head of yours...

Do I continue the story to its end? patbakerATstnyDOTrrDOTcom


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