Saturday, November 25, 2006

FF8 with no GF's is a ton of work.

It must have dawned on the creators that FF7 didn't really need magic at all. They corrected in spades!

At the moment the Garden transforms, Squall's level is 80, Selphie's is 60 and so forth, according to limit breaks. The more magic, the more useful. That should mean that Quistis will become much more helpful soon. Except for the randomized Angelo Reverse, Rinoa's breaks are still not very good. Zell's are worse and Irvine's, the pits. All this will likely change as we collect the needed items for weapons and magazines for skills.

Money is practically useless, so I am taking whatever time I need to move levels up and to collect junk shop items. Since we aren't becoming great SeeDs, we are emphasizing compassion and heroism in all our dialog choices. Nice guy all the way.

There is a new chapter to Lucretia's Legacy. Josey's attempting to be more proactive.


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