Sunday, November 12, 2006

FF8: District D Prison

This is a snap after Deling City. I actually took some time to play cards, in hopes of gathering some good stuff. But that is a waste of time, since most items are easy enough to buy. There's more than enough money. If you have nothing but time, try for the rare items. Keep in mind: "no GF's" means some will be useless, although you can sell them.

In the prison, ramp up for encounters with GIM52A, who will drop missiles for Quistis' blue magic. All others are a piece of cake.

Ditto for Galbadia Missile Base. Here, however, beware of the Boss battle in the end. This is a fake battle, where there is a maximum limit on damage allowed in any one hit. BGH251F2 can wipe out a character in a single shot, but it's still an easy battle, designed for entertainment only. Even without GF's, 10 minutes is enough, but you can select 20 to make the battle comfortable. I finished with only Irvine, and he made out just fine; remember, the boss battles don't accrue experience.

Check your brand new Weapons Monthly Jun edition for items you may need around Balamb.

And yes, that would include the characters lost in the self destruction of the prision. You don't really believe that those three kids were killed after all that work, do you?


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