Sunday, December 17, 2006

PostMortem on Experiment w/o GFs

I still think Final Fantasy VIII can be played without GFs. Right now I am too sore with Nintenditis in my arms to try again soon. Should you be masochistic enough to try:

1--keep all character levels similar. Especially do not let Squall's go higher than the rest. Remember that your enemies level up to the highest level of your characters. It may be necessary to kill Squall and leave him dead a while to accomplish parity.

2--do not toss or sell out all your items. Be absolutely certain that each item is kept for its purpose.

3--ignore the stuff that makes your SeeD levels go up. All that brings is money, and you will still have tons.

4--be nice in all your choices of dialog. You need all the outside help you can get.

5--escape is very often your best friend.

I got to the fight with Raijin and Fujin before I gave in. I'm pretty certain that it would have been doable if Squall were not level 100. That battle wasn't even half way through the game, so a more reasonable level would be 30. Selphie--alone--beat Raijin at his highest level. Going into the battle with both of them, we really needed all the guys.

This experiment has been a heckuva struggle, and I don't know when I will try again. I would love to hear from anyone else who has tried. Contact me if you have. Just curious.

Lucrecia's Legacy is complete now.


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