Saturday, December 16, 2006

FF8 Experiment is Over

Finally managed to beat Raijin using Selphie. Raijin will go after the boys first and will not kill the girl until the two soldiers are gone. He declares he doesn't hit girls, but as soon as they are defeated, he dispatches the girl in two hits. Selphie can hold her own as long as the two soldiers remain.

The next battle is immediate, with no opportunity to raise the fallen. Since Raijin downs Squall and Zell first, they are already gone. I do not doubt the battle is not impossible, but the last several weeks have left me with Nintenditis in both arms.

I will reinstate the GFs and admit I am a wuss. I want to finish the game before Santa delivers Dirge of Cerberus and FF12!

Meantime, I am also done with FanFicking2006. Final chapter of Lucrecia's Legacy can be read here.

Because Josey Lindorm is not a wuss.


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