Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The first local reactions are in for Dirge of Cerberus!

My tester has taken a decided liking to the upgrading system for Vincent's weapons. As I expected, he is not at all put-off by the constant onslaught of enemies in certain situations. He loves extending out the chains, too. (Chains are just beginning to grow on me in Final Fantasy XII.) Nor does he feel a need to save the limit breaks for the boss monsters.

My first proxy seems very catholic in his gaming tastes and doesn't really harbor a preference for any genre. When he is finished, I will hand D.O.C. to my son-in-law for thorough testing by a real shootist fanatic. We hope to have a first-person review begun by him soon.

Other gamers seem interested in testing, too. See, I think everyone wants to compete, but still play alone. Just the opposite of the online phenomenon. Strange, huh?

Dragon Lady, the sequel to Lucrecia's Legacy, the first chapter is almost ready for publication. I will post shortly, but not before I am convinced the wording is nearly perfect.

This time around was very different from writing Lucrecia's Legacy. There is no game to use as a backdrop, and the information I need may still be forthcoming from Square Enix. For example, I've already made changes that conform to Advent Children, and a few from Dirge of Cerberus.

Regarding Dirge of Cerberus: I was very disappointed in the changes made in Vincent's character. He does a lot of grunting and just looking at people. Vincent was never at a loss for words in Final Fantasy VII! In fact, he speaks very eloquently, almost pedantically, and continues to do so in Advent Children. He should sound a little quaint for a while, although natural changes occur over time. Same as anyone else learning a dialect. But to make him barely articulate is ridiculous!

Our character Josephine, on the other hand, is loquacious and not especially erudite. She speaks in broad strokes of modern English, with plenty of slang. This would be normal for a woman with teenaged children. (I can only speak for myself and those around me.)

Dragon Lady's chapters will come more slowly. Playing the game makes things percolate and mature. So, I really have to work the language to make the creative juices flow, this time around.

Bear with me. It's coming, I promise.


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