Saturday, February 10, 2007

As promised...

The review by proxy on Dirge of Cerberus. I wish you could see the great font he used. Maybe you can, if you check out his URL at the bottom. This review is verbatim.

Dirge of Cerberus Review

Concept: An interesting premise, an FF shooter, but Final Fantasy has always followed 2 rules. Each story is a stand-alone, and…it’s an RPG. These two rules, however, seem to have been flung, screaming from the halls of Square/Enix. That, and the fact that they turned one of the best characters into a Beyond the Grave (Gungrave) knockoff, kicks the score down a few notches.
Score: 7 (Average)

Graphics: As most Final Fantasy games of late, it seems that the graphics in Dirge of Cerberus are the true focus. With FMV’s that look as if they could have been taken straight out of Advent Children, and environments that have been beautifully rendered, it seems that the developers wanted to, primarily, show us the pretty.
Score: 10 (Outstanding)

Sound: The soundtrack was of FF quality, the sound effects were excellent…if somewhat annoying at times, and the dubbed voices (including David Blucas of Cowboy Bebop fame) fit very well…if only Vincent did more than grunt.
Score: 8 (Very Good)

Playability: Abysmal. Sluggish directional and aiming controls, Poorly designed item select system. You have to constantly think about which button you’re pressing. Nothing comes reflexively. It detracts from what would otherwise be a semi-decent attempt at a shooter.
Score: 4 (Bad)

Entertainment: Any entertainment I might have had while playing this game was quickly destroyed by the ruination of the character and the poor controller-to-human interface. Square/Enix has done Advent Children, they’ve done Last Order…for God’s sake, let it end. We’re five games past 7. For the good of the gamer community, STOP MAKING FF VII SEQUELS! Score: 3 (Painful)

Replay Value: Low. I quit playing out of disgust before I hit the third act.

As I said before, I will ask my son-in-law to play D.O.C. Not that I disagree with the above. Just that I am hoping different equipment will change some of the negativity.

Next week: Lucrecia's Legacy; Josephine's Journal (Dragon Lady)


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