Saturday, June 14, 2008

Taken aback.

That phrase sounds so contrived, but for once it fits perfectly.

My loving godmother did not love Lucrecia's Legacy. In fact, she asked me not to send more chapters.

She found it "creepy," in her words.

I hadn't thought about the Goth aspect as being creepy. Just Goth. Did she think my little sister was creepy when she was going through her Goth-chick phase? I didn't.

So obviously, I am not thinking everything through properly.

I am aborting the whole experiment. There are three chapters available for print, if anyone's interested. It was a lot of work, and there won't be more.

The two chapters remaining to Angry Planet are still coming, because I will not leave the work unfinished. There are enough notes to finish it, even should something happen to me. Some one should give them to my sister to publish them, I guess.

Seems like it's time to go back to being an old lady.



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