Sunday, May 11, 2008

Just added features to Josey books

Recently we have been getting requests to provide a book. You know, a dead-tree edition.

Well, most people don't realize that publishing is a hugely difficult business for first timers. "Breaking in" means submitting manuscripts and suffering literally hundreds of rejections before being accepted. Then the process moves into even worse difficulties.

It can take decades. Literally.

Unless one self-publishes. Self- (or vanity) publication can cost thousands.

I don't have thousands for that sort of thing.

However, for the dearest person in the universe, I can work miracles. For my godmother, I will even fly to New England, although the very thought makes me gag and sweat icewater. For my sweet godmother, who suffers from macular degeneration, I am creating printer-friendly versions of these books.

They will be beta tested locally and presented when I work out the bugs.

For my darling aunt, I have also prepared an explanatory foreward followed by a simple, one page glossary that should ease the transition for any non-gamer. Gamers are highly adaptive, and shouldn't need this stuff, even with unfamiliar territory.

Update: If you've already gone through the first three chapters, here is a followup glossary to finish the book.

Everything can now be found on the Vincent's Valentine website.


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