Sunday, January 06, 2008

Very, very busy

I am really scouring the Great Crystal at Girvuvegan in Final Fantasy XII. Got some really interesting loot, but nothing much is happening with it. The real prize would be another Brave Suit--got the last one in the Henne Mines, while trying unsuccessfully for Ribbon.

BTW, I've tried everything for a Ribbon, clocking over 100 extra hours trying to do so. I would appreciate any suggestions from anyone on this. I have been to the Henne Mines, hoping to open just the right treasure chest. Managed to defeat Zodiark in the process.

Scoured the living daylights out of the Ozmone Plains, killing every chocobo in the place, red and black, literally hundreds of them. Never even saw a Level 99 Red Chocobo, let alone fought one.

Been back and forth, hundreds of time, hoping to open the proper chest on the Cerobi Steppes, and climbed the Pharos at Ridorana until I'm sick to death of the darned deidars, chimera brains and, yes, the Magic Pots (who aren't worth the trouble of defeating or teasing with an Elixir).

Yep. Finally gave up. Now I'd like to defeat the Last Mark, so I'm getting comfortable in the Crystal. It's going to take a while, I think.

So, how do you like the Damascene Band? Finally found what I needed to make a real one. Love the styling! It will go wherever Josey has to deal with it. Pretty trinket and so much trouble... Watch for the next chapter of Angry Planet soon--later this week, I hope. Maintaining the continuity is giving me so much grief!


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