Friday, April 20, 2007

A Taste of the Future

New chapter coming up, Saturday, Sunday at the latest.

How about a taste of something closer to the ending? No real spoiler here, if you've seen Advent Children.

Mayumi looked at Arisu and they nodded as one. They knew they were caught in their lie.

"We thought you wouldn't remember. You'd forgotten so much,
so we planted the suggestion to ease your mind about your own sons.

"They're the 'three lost boys' to us. They were our first assignment, our first babies, years ago."

"So whose are they?" No time for fantasies now; the guys needed facts.

"Sephiroth clones, all engineered for different strengths of character. We trained them to be killers. Fini, we love them. Please don't hunt them." Their begging made me want to retch.

"They have kidnapped the innocent sons and daughters of Midgar. We will do what's needed to rescue the children. Vincent said they are absolutely ruthless. You taught them well."

"We didn' teach them that. We taught them to love one another." Oh, brother. I stopped the oncoming litany of their virtues with a wave of my hand.

"They do that, all right. The unfortunate fact is, they hate everyone else on the Planet. And they are focussed on ultimately killing us all, including you and your current charges."

See you this weekend.


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